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16 DECEMBER 2016

2017 WOC RESET Summit

The Women of Confidence – RESET! Summit is an exciting opportunity for plus size women to be inspired by leading inspirational speakers primed to disrupt their thinking, help them find balance in their personal lives, and equip them to confront their everyday challenges.  The event is packed full of fun and education from experts, mixed with a shopping and pampering experience destined to give attendees a new lease on life!

Attendance is FREE!
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Sponsor & Vendors

Don’t Miss Out! Reach adults ages 25-54 from all backgrounds who are there to have fun, and look for resources.  Expose your brand directly to a target market of professional women, community members, and small business owners.  Show yourself as a good corporate citizen by supporting a weekend of empowerment for plus size women. Contact Us for more details!

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HERitage – ReEnvisioning the Story of You

Are you ready to:

  • Identify Where You are in Life?
  • ReIdentify “The Dream”?
  • Recall Your Lost Tracks?
  • Execute Your Phenomenal Woman?

Then make plans to attend this interactive workshop hosted by Sabrina Ashley,  geared to re-invigorate your passion for you!

Speaker: By Sabrina “The Confidence Curator” Ashley

My name is Sabrina Ashley, and I am known as The Confidence Curator™. And the ingredients of my greatness are a delicious gumbo of Passion, Power & Love. I Am a Self-Love Lifestyle Entreprenuer (Empowerment Speaker & Author), Life Skills Trainer, and Millennial Soul Educator. My purpose is to Re-educate & Empower Diasporic women on Self-Esteem through Self-Love. My expertise is in team-building, corporate training, and holistic well-being. A high-level Professional Speaker, I have mastered methodology in the professional domain of Personal Development.


Walking Confidently

Head Up! Shoulders Relaxed! Abs Tight! Just a few instructions you’ll hear in Coach Wes Lee’s Walking Confidently Class. This class is designed to help you find your inner beauty. Once you experience this session, you will be able to walk down the street with your head held high… Enter into an interview like you already have the job… Command the attention of every room that is graced with your presence!

Speaker: Coach Wes Lee

Indeed a true triple threat – actor/comedian, singer, dancer – Coach Wes Lee is a tremendous and awesome talent who has traveled the world over. He is a Vocal Coach, an Acting Coach, a Runway Coach, a Fitness Coach and sometimes even a Life Coach; which has culminated to the creation of a coaching company, AVACOACHES (



Taking Care Back!

If you stripped down to the very base of yourself – if we took away your job, your bank account, your schooling, your relationship status – who would you be? If you give all your care away to your job, children, spouse, etc. – what do you have left for yourself?

These can be hard questions to answer.  You wear so many masks during your day and try so hard to please others — that your own desires, preferences and unique strengths get overlooked. And pretty soon, you forget what they even are! This session is about understanding who you are at your core, embracing yourself, and learning to put you first!

Speaker: Nicki Lynch

Nicki Lynch is the Founder and President of PLUS Positive, a nonprofit organization on a mission to build body confidence and self esteem in plus size men, women, and teens.  She is personally committed to helping people realize their fullest potential and does so through her living, teaching, consulting and management business.



Pampering Sessions

Free Photobooth

Provided courtesy of Tyler Ogburn Photography. Get the VIP treatment you deserve!   Tyler will talk you through posing and combined with stunning lights, you’re going to look great and feel great! You will receive one free, retouched photo from Tyler Ogburn Photography.


Free Light Manicures

Provided courtesy of So Sassy Nails Inc A nail tech in Lithia Springs.  Iya Twael will make sure your nails are nice and tight, perfect for your photoshoot!




Event Details

Feb 11th, 2017 – 5-9PM
Results Central
2532 S. Hairston Rd.
Suite H
Decatur, GA 30035

Off the corner of S. Hairston and Wesley Chapel, Behind the Champ’s Tires



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