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13 APRIL 2017

#MoreofPlus Talent Boot Camp

Entertainment Industry 101

Drill professional audition techniques!  Hone your abilities and boost your talents!  Challenge yourself to become a better performer! You will discover the secrets to getting you (or your child) work as a successful actor or commercial model of all sizes!  We will take all of the guess work out of getting started in the entertainment industry.  Learn valuable lessons to gain full or part time work in this fun, interactive #MoreofPlus Talent Boot Camp!

Register Today!- $6

Date:  June 24th 4-8pm

Location:  Outfront Theatre 999 Brady Ave NW, Atlanta

Cost: $6

4-4:45 – Networking & Refreshments
4:45 -5:45 – Headshots 101
6-7 – Acting 101
7-7:45 – Breaking In Panel Discussion

Register Today!


Tyler Ogburn Photography – Headshot 101

Tyler is a portrait photographer located in Roswell, GA. He also holds his BA in Musical Theatre. A huge portion of his business is shooting headshots for actors. Tyler knows exactly what casting directors are looking for; not just in your region, but across the country. As a culmination of that knowledge, he has developed a headshot workshop that discusses the ins and outs of what to (and not to) do in headshot sessions. He covers what to wear, industry standards, how to choose a photographer, tips on what to watch out for and how to create headshots that set you apart and help you stand out from the crowd. As a workshop participant, Tyler offers steeply discounted rates for headshots.


Coach Wes Lee – Acting 101

Whether you are an aspiring actor, singer, or performer,  EVERYONE in entertainment needs to know how to act!  Even Beyonce knows how to turn on “Sasha Fierce” when needed.  Acting is about stepping outside yourself and becoming someone else for the performance.  Coach Wes Lee can help you be the best you, especially when you need to become someone else!  This Acting 101 class is a great step for anyone looking to step in and excel in the Entertainment Industry!

Indeed a true triple threat – actor/comedian, singer, dancer – Coach Wes Lee is a tremendous and awesome talent who has traveled the world over. He is a Vocal Coach, an Acting Coach, a Runway Coach, a Fitness Coach and sometimes even a Life Coach; which has culminated to the creation of a coaching company, AVACOACHES (

Panel Discussion:

Breaking In: Taking the first step to your Entertainment Career!

Have you ever wanted to know how to get in the Entertainment Business?  So you think you can dance/act/sing?!  Then this panel discussion is EXACTLY what you need to get your foot in the door!  Whether you are a novice with absolutely no experience or a seasoned professional, you are bound to leave with practical tips on getting (and staying) in the Entertainment Industry!

Nicki Lynch- Moderator

Nicki Lynch is a co-founder and head of the Consulting division of Righteous Entertainment.   For over 10 years she has produced and co-hosted television series, feature films, corporate videos, and commercials.  She is responsible for the planning and execution of productions helping to determine the most efficient and economic way to schedule shoots, negotiate business deals for crews, locations and technical equipment, and make day-to-day production decisions to ensure the shoots proceed smoothly.  In addition to her duties at RE, she is also the Founder & President of PLUS Positive, a nonprofit organization for plus size individuals.



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