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13 JULY 2013


Studies show that two-thirds of Americans report having greater trust in companies that are aligned with a social issue.

Thanks for your interest in PLUS+. New corporate partnerships that help advance the work of the PLUS+ Movement are always welcome.  PLUS+ is interested in partnering with companies that have solid brand images and reputations. Whether new or established, we like to partner with companies where we know we can be mutually beneficial.

More businesses are realizing the social and economic benefits of strategic nonprofit partnerships. PLUS+ is very interested in discussing these benefits with you. If you would like to discuss a potential partnership, please contact us for details or complete the form below and we will contact you.

PLUS+ Promotional Opportunities

We have many opportunities in which to promote your business and brand.  Please review the list below an indicate which of these opportunities you would be interested in taking advantage of to reach more customers!

  • Official PLUS+ Website
    The website draws more than 35,000 page views per year, offering sponsors the opportunity to place logos, banner ads or links directing traffic to their own websites.
  • Badges
    The true mark of an event attendee, badges are required for entry into key events, and workshops.  Badges are a great opportunity to carry your logo from room-to-room throughout the entire Event. Both lanyards and badges are available for sponsor logos.
  • Registrant Gift Bags
    Gift bags are distributed to VIP & Event attendees each year. Businesses and sponsors have the opportunity to place promotional materials such as product samples and coupons inside the gift bags, or can place a logo on the outside of the bag.
  • Gifting Suite
    Celebrities & Industry Professionals are an integral part of the Events.  Sponsors have the opportunity to host a gifting suite or simply provide specialized products for the select attendees. A dedicated photographer will be ready to capture that celebrity experiencing your product or service on your personal backdrop.
  • PLUS Positive Program Magazine (The PULSE)
    These booklets are distributed to registrants, attendees, and various venues around Atlanta, starting two months prior to the Annual Summit.  More than 3,000 of these books make their way into the hands of our guests before and during the Summit.  Advertise in the program book with a quarter, half, or full page ad to draw visitors and Atlantans to shops or restaurants, or drive traffic to your event or website.  Sponsor logos are also included on the sponsor page in the program book.
  • PLUS Positive Exhibit Halls
    Held in the Mezzanine of the hosting Hotel, the Exhibit Hall offers sponsors the opportunity to actively market, sell and raise awareness about their products and services. Centrally located, attendees frequent the Exhibit hall between workshops, events and parties.
  • Event Trailer & Banners
    Sponsors may either provide or be included on a number of promotional banners placed in strategic locations throughout the Festival, including venues, workshops, events, and parties. Sponsor logos can also be included on the PLUS+ Sponsorship Trailer, which shows throughout the Event.
  • PLUS+ Parties
    PLUS+ offers numerous opportunities for networking. These are events where people relax, partnerships get formed, and deals get made. Sponsor one of the parties and have your company’s name and logo on all materials promoting the party, including party banners, program books, and website. Sponsors of these parties could also be restaurants, caterers, alcohol sponsors and venues.

Terms and Conditions

PLUS Positive will not render services until payment is cleared in full. Packages/Tickets are nonrefundable, although you may re-sell or send an alternate to the event without additional charge. Sponsor has paid but does not participate on date reserved, those fees will be forfeited and a tax donation receipt will be provided upon request. Sponsor agrees to provide all required promotional materials and does not hold PLUS Positive responsible for any materials that are not received in a timely manner. Sponsor agrees to accept all responsibility for all costs associated with any and all damage caused by the transportation, preparation, construction, operation, and removal of any and all aspects of Sponsor’s display and or attraction utilized at PLUS Positive partner venues. Sponsor further indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless PLUS Positive from any damages which occur under the direct supervision, or at the direction, of the Sponsor, its employees, or agents in the transportation, preparation, construction, operation, and removal of the Sponsor’s display and or attraction. Neither party hereto will be deemed in breach of its obligations hereunder if performance thereof is delayed or becomes impossible or impractical by reason of any cause beyond such party’s reasonable control, including, without limitation, weather, war, terrorist attack, fire, accident, act of God, civil unrest, or act or order of any governmental or judicial authority, including without limitation, an increase in the Threat Level as determined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (each a “Force Majeure Event”).



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