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See Positive – Teen Self Esteem

“See Positive” Self- Esteem Program mission is to help the youth see positive within themselves and their future by providing mentor-ship opportunities to build self-esteem through education, advocacy, social media, and visual promotions.

sadchildsmBeing “overweight” as a child can have negative effects on your self esteem. Often times plus size children are berated, rejected, & abused simply because of their size. If not properly addressed at a young age, this hurt and pain can cause deep emotional scars.

Growing into plus size men and women, those emotional scars can grow with them due to the discrimination they may experience throughout their lives. If left unaddressed, they can come to the surface through their negative interactions causing outbursts of anger, aggressive behavior, emotional reactions, avoidance, and lack of confidence. Unfortunately, this behavior could result in withdrawal from relationships, avoidance/denial of thoughts and feelings, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts or other self-destructive tendencies.

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See Positive Goals and Objectives

The “See Positive” Self Esteem-Campaign is a community service program that helps empower the youth within the community by providing programs and services that will enhance one’s life skills, and demonstrate proactive service within the community. Plus Positive will accomplish these goals by implementing the following activities:

  • Teen Self Esteem Workshops  –In this Workshop Students will:
    • Build media literacy, exploring how advertising, film, tv, and social media images are often manipulations of the truth.
    • Develop strategies to resist appearance-related pressures, and avoid comparing themselves to others.
    • Challenge appearance ideals and standards of beauty, and build body confidence.

    Examples include: Color Me Confident Youth Summit, Harvest Fests, and more!

  • Volunteer Opportunities– “See Positive” will engage the youth in various volunteer opportunities within the community which will allow our youth to gain a sense of self sufficiency, become a youth advocate within the community, and gain work study skills.

  • Teen Summits– See Positive Teen Summits are day long events that help our youth become independent, which will make the transition from a teen at home to their life as a young adult. Some of the workshops include:

    • Finding and keeping a Job
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Health and hygiene
    • Interpersonal Skills
    • Goal Setting and obtaining
    • Time management
    • Stress Management
    • College Prep
    • Financial Literacy
    • Self Esteem

If you would like for us to bring our Teen Self Esteem Workshop to your group of teens please contact us!

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