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“Think highly of yourself because the world will take you at your own estimation.” – Chinese Fortune Cookie

Far too often low self-esteem has affected employee productivity, entrepreneurship, and career success. “A business professional must have that balance of assurance in his/her own ability” says Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of The Power of Positive Thinking “Without a humble, but reasonable, confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful.”

PLUS+ Professionals program is focused on improving entrepreneurial and financial literacy by offering the tools and resources that will help give plus size men, women, and teens, the knowledge they need for professional economic growth.  We offer an annual PLUS Business Summit with round-table coaching, and business networking mixers in the Atlanta area.

PLUS Business Summit

This Annual Speed Coaching Event is dedicated to the start-up, growth, and improvement of small businesses targeting the plus community. It includes a Keynote Speaker, 30 Min “Ask the Expert” Round-table Sessions, 10 Min 1-on-1 Speed Coaching Sessions, and B2B Exhibitors.

Financial Literacy Academy (FLA)

The Financial Literacy Academy is a series of bi-monthly educational seminars to help attendees master their finances.  Topics include:

  1. Financial Psychology – How mentality affects finances and lifestyle goals
  2. Budgeting – Monthly budgets, savings plans, and positive spending habits
  3. Account Management– Introduction to the banking process
  4. Credit Profile – How to maintain, build, or repair their credit
  5. Loans & Debt – Loans and the loan qualification process
  6. Jobs & Careers – Various types of ways to earn income, networking
  7. Entrepreneurship – Benefits and basics of business startup,
  8. Economic & Government Influences – An overview of taxes
  9. Risk Management & Insurance – Insurance and ways to manage risk
  10. Retirement– Long-term planning, cash flow, personal financial plans, wills and trusts
  11. Investments – Investment strategies to increase long-term financial security



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