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27 JULY 2015

#MoreofPLUS – Size Diversity in Entertainment

68.5% of adults in America are overweight or obese –

Yet less than 1% of lead characters in film and tv are plus size!

Because of the significant lack of plus size representation within the media, PLUS+ has launched the #MoreofPLUS – Advocating for Size Diversity in Entertainment. This campaign creates more job opportunities for plus size talent to be seen on screens and includes entertainment industry skills based training and advocacy through social media, and visual promotions.

The Size Diversity Challenge

Art imitates Life – But NOT when it comes to size diversity in entertainment! 68.5% of adults in America are overweight or obese – Yet less than 1% of lead characters in film and tv are plus size talent.  The dominant sizes in the entertainment industry are mainly zero, two, and four.  The industry considers size eight to be plus size. Size eight! Seeing the average clothing size for women in the U.S is sizes 12 to 14, the entertainment industry is clearly disillusioned with their idealistic body size.

Lack of Size Diversity Effects

  • According to (NEDA) Natl Eating Disorder Association  impossible standards of beauty (lack of size diversity) in media contributes to the development of body dissatisfaction and a drive for thinness (Not a drive to be healthy – but a drive to be thin) which is one of the most well know risk factors for eating disorders

Program Overview:

  • Encourage decision makers in the entertainment industry to create more opportunities for plus talent (use hashtag to bring awareness)
  • Host Entertainment Industry Prep Workshops for the community (acting, singing, ent tech, auditioning, etc)
  • Share various talent casting calls and entertainment opportunities
  • Host annual film festival encouraging filmmakers to submit films utilizing plus size talent
  • Host a Talent showcase

Talent Submissions

We are always looking for plus size talent!  Whether you can sing, dance, act, or even juggle, the world needs to see your talent!  Please submit via our MegaCasting  to be added to our database.

How You can Help

  • In Social Media Share photos/Videos of your favorite plus size talent (and why) using the hashtag #MoreofPLUS, tag @PlusPositivity in your posts and we will share the best responses!



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