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Women of Confidence

Being “overweight” can have negative effects on your self-esteem. If left unaddressed, the impact of continuing low self-esteem can be catastrophic for women.

Having low self-esteem lowers women’s resilience and ability to cope with the stresses of life. This can place women higher risk of developing mental health problems such as eating disorders, depression or social phobia.

The PLUS+ Women of Confidence Program is focused on helping women build confidence and self esteem, by providing group activities in a safe environment that examine factors influencing their self-perception.

Participants in the program, are encouraged to consider the impact that various life experiences have had on their self-perception, such as abuse and violence – physical, psychological and emotional. Then they are empowered to establish a new personal frame of reference, via a diverse range of activities used to enhance opportunities for self-development.

Sample projects and Events include:


The Women of Confidence – RESET! Summit is an exciting opportunity for plus size women to be inspired by leading inspirational speakers primed to disrupt their thinking, help them find balance in their personal lives, and equip them to confront their everyday challenges.  The event is packed full of fun and education from experts, mixed with a shopping and pampering experience destined to give attendees a new lease on life!

BeYOUtiful You! PhotoShoot

The PLUS PosiCon kickoff event focused on helping build confidence and self esteem in women, so they can see how beautiful they truly are! It is a free in-store event featuring shopping, personal styling, light makeovers, and a personal photo shoot to capture the moment.

Brand You! Photoshoot

Based on the theme “Releasing the Brand in You”. What is it about you that makes you stand out positively? Participants were able to relax, restore, and rediscover your BEST you! This in store event features shopping, refreshments, personal styling, light makeovers, and photo booth so guest can capture the perfect professional head shot to complement their brand.

Around the Town Style

A fun competition held in plus size clothing stores where amateur stylist complete to style everyday women.  The focus of the event is to teach women how to appropriately dress themselves for various events and their body types.  Sample events include, corporate dinners, red carpet events, black tie events, industry specific work attire, and so much more!  Winners receive a gift card from the sponsoring clothing store.



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