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pluspositivitylargePLUS Positive (PLUS+) was founded on May 22, 2013 in Atlanta, GA by experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur Nicki Lynch.  For several years she worked with plus size women in other organizations. In her interactions, she noticed an increasing number of these women were beautiful on the outside, but had low self-esteem, lacked confidence in themselves, and held emotional scars from their past, that was affecting their future.  Moved with compassion, she started PLUS Positive to service both plus size adults and teens, in hopes of building body confidence and self- esteem.

PLUS+ Vision

PLUS+ seeks to change cultures to positively recognize, accept, and embrace plus size bodies and talent. We strive to be a vital resource that helps plus size people become confident, caring, admirable, and ambitious, raising their self-esteem, and realizing their full potential.

PLUS+ Mission

We build body confidence and self esteem in plus size men, women, and teens to help realize their full potential. We also advocate for size diversity in the entertainment industry to create more job opportunities for plus size talent. We pursue this mission through a few programs:

See Positive, Women of Confidence, & Renaissance Man builds self esteem and brighter futures for teens and adults through free life skills training. These programs include interactive workshops, health education, mentoring from peers, business, and community leaders, and advocacy through social media, and visual promotions.

#MoreOfPlus Size Diversity campaign encourages decision makers in the industries to create more opportunities for plus size talent, as well as encourage plus size talent to pursue their dreams.


PLUS+ Values

The following values guide our work:

  1. Esteem: We promote esteem for all plus size individuals, recognizing that to do so we must seek to educate the powers that oppress, marginalize, make invisible, disenfranchise, harass, bully, intimidate, harm, abuse, and/or discriminate against plus size individuals.
  2. Community: We nurture and develop a safe, vital, healthy, and evolving community for all plus size individuals, founded on integrity and collaboration while recognizing and valuing differences and seeking partnerships.
  3. Inclusion: We embrace the full spectrum of plus size experiences, viewpoints, and contributions, celebrating the different nuances and diversity created in the intersections of age, ethnicity, culture, race, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic status.
  4. Leadership: We empower innovative leaders who both inspire and are inspired by others as they work together to transform the world in a climate of respect and celebration for all plus size individuals.
  5. Learning: We foster commitment to the life-long learning and development of plus size individuals to improve the quality of life for all members of the plus community.
  6. Respect: We celebrate the value of individuals and we welcome a wide range of opinions and ideas that are grounded in human dignity.

We look for volunteers who exude “PLUS Positivity™” which is simply a state of being CONFIDENT, CARING, ADMIRABLE, and AMBITIOUS.  If you care enough to help those in need please volunteer with us!

PLUS+ provides services to people without discrimination or preference based on size, age, ethnicity, culture, race, disability, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

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